"As artists, we search to capture the light in what we see, to then transcribe with our brush, a stroke onto the canvas. An artist must abandon oneself truthfully each and everyday in his studio to be real. From Van Gogh to Picasso, every artist looks to capture the light in its beauty. For me, my brushstrokes evoke my emotions, exposing my inner self onto the canvas, telling the stories of my life in color and light. And with that said, as I interpret my stories on to the canvas, I will forever be running... chasing light, a muse of beauty and wonder."

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Instagram: @luba.artstudio

Contact me via Instagram or at (732) 829-5604

Luba is a talented artist from Fair Haven, NJ, specializing in fine art focused on seascapes and narrative work using oil on canvas. She works out of her private studio barn just steps from the salty river and marina on De Normandie Ave.