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chasing light on

Cape Cod

I found myself chasing light... a collection of my vision of light and color here on Cape Cod.  From summer, autumn, winter and spring, the light I chased was so profound and ever changing.  Colors cast light so differently in mesmerizing force.  I found the changes of reflective light so captivating, dispersing itself through clouds and sea, hills and trees... The muddy blue grey light only found on the flats of Cape Cod Bay... I remember each sunrise, watching the yellow glow awaken the night or the sunset soothing the day with its cool blue light turning to an orange warmth... each one more beautiful than the other and never the same.

Brewster Flats, Cape Cod Bay

August 2022

Presenting my first solo exhibition on Cape Cod at the Brewster Ladies Library, Brewster, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

August 2-31st

south beach chatham.jpeg

Vision & Artist Statement

As artists, we search to capture the light in what we see, to then transcribe with our brush, a stroke onto the canvas.  An artist must abandon oneself truthfully each and everyday in his studio to be real.  From Van Gogh to Picasso, every artist looks to capture the light in its beauty.  For me, my brushstrokes evoke my emotions, exposing my inner self onto the canvas, telling the stories of my life in color and light.  And with that said, as I interpret my stories onto the canvas, I will forever be running... chasing light, a muse of beauty and wonder.

 And one day to be represented by a gallery

here on Cape Cod and the surrounding islands

of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard.

south beach chatham.jpeg
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