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Reflections are two different things: reflections as images and reflections as thoughts.  In life, we experience emotions in our vision and in our thought.  As we reflect on those thoughts, we plot our paths forward, constantly changing our navigation.  We are all the sum of our experiences.   As artists we have the ability to reflect on our life and weave those experiences into a compelling story. In March of 2020, the world changed overnight and I found myself in quarantine, indefinitely.  My studio became my sanctuary.  Surrounded by my art books, I realized I wasn’t alone. I decided to look within, inside myself and my art books and plan a show for the day the world would come alive once more.  Knowing that I still must create everyday to fulfill my happiness, I set forth to plan.  Hope was alive in my heart as I began to reflect within and the world around me.  I jumped into my books filled with life, history and adventure.  From Picasso to Cezanne, Warhol to Hockney, the pages flooded with brushstrokes of joy, sadness, passion and love expressing topics of life, history and adventure. I escaped isolation into a world of adventure and freedom. 

As artists we must abandon ourselves truthfully each and everyday in our studio to be real.  Each brushstroke evoke emotions exposing our inner self telling our stories of life around and within.  And with that said, take a journey through my eyes as I juxtapose the style of my favorite artists into mine onto the canvas telling stories of wonder, sadness and beauty.  

I present, “Reflections”…


a special exhibition of story telling and reflection at Beauregard Fine Art Gallery in Rumson, New Jersey and in the adjacent Barn Building of Aspire 109&111 River Road, Rumson New Jersey 

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