a narrative work depicting the atrocities of political greed from the past 2 centuries. 

Below is the poem "hope" written by Luba:

Hope, 179x69, oil on canvas
177x69 oil on canvas

 she stands before you

her eyes speak...

the air i breathe

the bread i taste

sounds of laughter and joy,

a simple prayer.


greed, why haven't you gone?

have you not learned?

you stand alone, a coward.

a soul consumed and vision blinded.

you have seen my eyes,

you know what they say

and yet you look the other way,

for you have sold the light of hope...

if only you didn't look away.

Details of "Hope"

In the past two centuries, political greed has destroyed lives, families, religion, morality and countries.  The most devastating is the unimaginable suffering of the innocent children.

  My hope is to remind the world of these horrors so that history will not repeat itself.  

Although hundreds of atrocities occurred in our world, I selected these children from history, placed here on my canvas.  From right to left are the children that have suffered: 

The Potato Famine; Children of Chernobyl, Ukraine; Holocaust; Stalin's Holodymyr-The Artifical Famine 1932; World War I & II; Asian Slave Labor; Slavery; an innocent child today.

 Picasso's brilliance of color from his Rose & Blue Periods became my palette to juxtapose the bounty of life in bloom in rose above against the cold blue below representing death and suffering.  Picasso's "La bomba" light bulb from his Guernica painting, hangs center, representing a bomb of greed and corruption.  I subconsciously painted an angel holding two children in the top right and a soldier center holding a child limp in his arms.