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Five Palms & A Blueberry

Updated: May 2, 2022

You can never go looking for a muse, for it can only appear, unexpected and full of surprise...

inspiration comes from some place, somewhere deep in your heart, you find it, a memory unlocked or a feeling awakened...never revealed.

Home from my travels, with new inspiration to fill my empty canvas as my music plays to calm my beating heart. A muse that can't escape me, my playlist runs, lyrics sing.

Earplugs, I remember, in someone's tiny perfect ears.

Chance the Rapper sang "Angels all around us, they keep me surrounded."

Tidy punctuations.

As Liz from Greenock, Scotland, poured me a glass of wine, Mic Jagger sang "Love is just a kiss away."

And with my lucky swipe, Derrick got to watch the Grammys on the plane as Ed Sheeran sang "The shape of you."

Out my window, all I see are five palm trees. Sounds of surf and drops of rain, I remember time struck along a picket fence. And just like that, with a spark of electricity and the color blue more beautiful than the Caribbean Sea ... my muse appeared, forever in my heart.

For just a song, with its beautiful rhythm and sound, brought about love and courage that set me free…


Five Palms And A Blueberry, 2017 oil on canvas

2022 Selected by Cape Cod Museum of Art International Juror Show "All The World's A Stage" May11-July 24, 2022

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