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A Whisper

Hidden from sunlight, hair tousled in its fix, finding freedom in its canvas...

a compliment breezes by as the whisper tickles my ear.

My laughter echoes, for I have heard that voice before...

from under my dodger brim i see the stride so familiar... i can only smile.

I sketch in my little blue book.

Palms sway, this time more than five peak above the rooftops shimmering in sunlight.

The stars and moon sleep, awaiting the nightfall's surprise.

The distant surf rocking the tides back and forth into slumber. Below a sketch of squares, weaving and intersecting, patterns appear summoning me into it's maze of Mondrian's world.

The sound of glasses clink with martinis and wine, as velvet and cotton brush ones skin. Denim stitched with aros flowers as cupid strikes his arrow...365 days complete. The sunlight pours in.

Nothing is left forgotten... a gift to the heart, shared with abandoned freedom.

A little groundhog runs by...along the sandy path, up the jungle steps, reminiscing.

Last to board, the movie star hides. A voyage that needs no destination when joy fills and happiness surrounds... and only then one truly knows the laughter will always be.

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