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At the end of the mainline, a new line begins...

I imagine myself back on the mainline train from Philly to Villanova but this time missing my stop and continuing my journey to the very end, the last stop of Malvern. Along the way, my memory is awaken to familiar sights of years gone by; the shops at Ardmore Square, Cricket Avenue with the potato peels; Bryn Mawr fun at Kellys, Gullifty's and the Erin Pub; Aileen's sign "free hair cuts by Luba"; Villanova tennis courts at St. Marys; Mendel Hall Science Center with my with permanent goggle marks on my face from summertime labs and the Connelly Center where I became Madonna and lip-synced on stage... I'm smiling...this was my stop but the train continues...

I catch glimpses of familiar places: St Davids, Wayne and Paoli (still unpronounceable).

At the same time, I see things I had never seen before. I catch a view of a baseball field, empty but two adirondack chairs sunning in the outfield. The next stop, a golfer in an open park with a shade tree waiting to cast a cool breeze on strangers passing by.

The train makes its way to the end, its final stop, King Street Station. I step out onto a quaint street where I meet Caitlin, my college buddy. As best friends always do, we continue where we left off... the show begins and we laugh and toast with old friends sharing memories of our philly days: Jeanne with her chickens, Daphne with Prince Albert and Caitlin with Dave. Surrounded by my sea and atmosphere, my brushstrokes and emotion, I realize that I am calm, unafraid, and completely free. This must be what it feels like to abandon your fears and live your dreams.

Running across Kings Street to the famous Alba restaurant with my Tory Burch heels in hand, we greet friends from days gone by. Laughter intoxicates us like funnel cake at the fair, as we reminisce our past, trying to jump in, we collapse. With napkins on our head, we toast our port to good times we shared and to the likes of new adventures that lie ahead...unsure but unafraid.

Thank you Andrea for an amazing and successful show at your beautiful gallery and to Caitlin for introducing me to train ride continues....xo

Gallery 222, King Street, Malvern

Jeanne, me, daphne and caitlin

Dinner after the show at Alba

My Villanova College Tennis

My Madonna Impersonation

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