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Coastal Reflections

Last night I experienced my first solo show at Beauregards Fine Art Gallery in Rumson, New Jersey.

For me, it was one of the most emotional experiences of my life, for I have never seen all my work hanging in the same room together all at once. I had quietly walked in. Standing alone in the middle of the gallery, I began to cry...each painting before me had a story to tell as they all related to each other before my eyes. As I cried tears of joy, my soul sang. The door opened and my friends walked in...I felt vulnerable to what awaited me but at that moment I saw a smile and my fears escaped me forever. A special thank you to Kathy Donnelly for putting together an amazing show and to Lynn Loftus Elliott for hosting the after party! Love you both forever... One last note: This morning I walked back to my studio. All alone, I sat on my stool before my easel and looked around at my empty walls, with the scent of oils and turps, I thought about what had transpired inside these walls for the last year... the chaos, the joy, the tears and the love. I truly missed my artwork that surrounded me... I had no choice, I knew what to do...back to the gallery I went. The one painting that can never escape me needed to be back home... for there are somethings that can never be let go. Happiness restored. Five palm trees and a blueberry forever.

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