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Florals and Seascapes ... Lessons Learned from my Grandmother

Gardening and painting... now that summer is almost here and the weather in New Jersey is warm and beautiful... I have been gardening and painting. I recently helped my mom pack up my grandmother's floral paintings from the 50s-70s. Helen's flowers are so detailed and rich with layers of oil. She taught me all there is about gardening and painting flowers. She always said to take notice of the intricacies of each petal as tiny works of art. For example, the Peonie: the shades of whites to pale pink are so beautiful. So to the beauties of flowers have emerged my new series of florals and seascapes. As I watch the seascapes and riverscapes before me on my daily walks, the flowers that surround me are ever changing... new surprises everyday. I will certainly continue painting flowers this summer thinking of my talented Grandmother "Babcha" Helen and her beautiful floral paintings.

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