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Portraits are Back In Style

I have always loved painting portraits...human expressions captured on a canvas, forever frozen in time. i have noticed that designers are now adapting portraits of the past into their interior design and its awesome! It's an art form that needs to come back and be reinterpreted. Which is what made me go back to my piles of old art from the 80s! I pulled out my selfie from 1985 created in London at art school! It's a 30 x 30 oil created in the summer of 1985 in London... At the time, Bruce Springsteen performed at Wembley Stadium "Born to Run"; Ronald Reagan was inspiring freedom in the captive nations from which my parents had escaped from as children... there was so much promise... and now today, promise is in the air, artists are painting faces, expressions of beautiful people with hope in their eyes for a brighter future. I pulled out my portrait of Suzanne I did 3 years ago. She, like so many, have the promise of a brighter future of peace and happiness. I think I know what I will be painting tomorrow!

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